Monday, May 5, 2008

CookLife Supporting Our Troops

After being drafted in 1967 into the U.S. Army, I took Basic Training (see photo at left) for 8 weeks at Fort Jackson, SC, as well as 7 weeks of radio school/morse code there. This was followed by 12 weeks of teletype training at Fort Gordon, GA, 10 days' leave (including travel time), and then off to Vietnam for a year and 2 weeks. For much of my tour, I was based out of Quan Loi, about 70 miles northwest of Saigon. Click here to view what it looked like back then: Quan Loi
Quan Loi, Vietnam (Latitude: 20° 13' 60 N, Longitude: 106° 24' 0 E).
Click here at Quan Loi for an even more detailed view. (More photos to will be added soon.)
Here's a blast from the past.....Christmas in Quan Loi, 1967: Cook and Hoffman at the 1st of the 5th Arty, HHSB.

As a proud Vietnam Veteran and ardent supporter of ALL our troops, I will have postings here which will lead to other locations. Please Support Our Troops !! Here is one example: American Veterans Institute

Here is a link titled: Until Then. It's a very moving tribute to our men and women in combat, and it has some great photographs accompanied by the hymn Until Then, sung by the Brigham Young Choir. (Please be sure to turn up your computer volume.)

Here is a link to Stolen Valor - one of the best books on Vietnam !!

In an attempt to locate members of the 1st Battalion 5th Field Artillery (1st/5th Arty - Alexander Hamilton's Cannoneers)(Phuoc Vinh, Quan Loi, and Lai Khe, Vietnam), we are calling on anyone who served during this time, 1967-68-69, to contact us via this blog or go to and sign in. This is mainly geared to those people who served in HHSB, but any others are welcome to respond. This is our 40th Anniversay or thereabouts, and we have been lucky enough to hook up with a few veterans. We will look forward to hearing from all of you !! Feel free to Post a Comment on this blog (be sure to leave your contact information) or you can also make contact through our e-mail:

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