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CookLife and Chasing Danforth

CHASING DANFORTH: A Wilderness Calling
By Robert W. Cook

Notice of Publication. Released in June of 2005.

Just published in June of 2005, CHASING DANFORTH is a new book which details the life of Maine’s famous guide and outdoorsman.

The overall theme is a biography of John Danforth, born in Bristol, NH, who built the first and famous sports lodge at Parmachenee Lake (near Rangeley) in Maine. Danforth constructed Camp Caribou on Treat’s Island in the 1870’s, and by 1890, he had established a network of over 16 camps in the greater Parmachenee area of western Maine. In 1892, he relocated to Florida with his J. S. Danforth, a 125-foot stern-wheel paddle boat which became the first floating hotel in Stuart, Florida. In 1902, he relocated once again to Dixie, Idaho, where he had 34 gold mining claims. At age 65, he died in Juneau, Alaska, in 1913.

CHASING DANFORTH is a well-researched book containing 176 pages, 118 classic illustrations (which includes maps, sketches, photos, etc.), an Index, a 12-page Bibliography, and 422 Endnotes. There are maps done by a professional cartographer, which detail many items never before seen in print. It also has many other items which will appeal to a wider audience, including those interested in the outdoors, as well as fishermen, hunters, trappers, and explorers. Printed in 8 1/2 " by 11" format, the book is available in both hardbound and softcover, and was printed by Franklin Printing in Farmington, Maine.

Chasing Danforth: A Wilderness Calling.
Book is still currently available at these shops: (on line)

Visit or contact these shops:
** Books, Lines & Thinkers, PO Box 971, Rangeley, ME 04970
** Ecopelagicon, 7 Pond St., Rangeley, ME 04970
** L.L. Cote, Errol, NH 03579

** Twice-Sold Tales 155 Main Street, Farmington, ME 04938

And click here for the expanded version of the Bibliography (coming soon).

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